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Basic Information (Info on Everything)

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Basic Information (Info on Everything) Empty Basic Information (Info on Everything)

Post by Crystal on Thu Jun 11, 2015 5:47 pm

This topic is basically much like the title says: Info on Everything. First of all, you need special permission to have an all-blood dragon. For a dragon-animal hybrid you do not require permission. Onto the Ranks, from highest to lowest!
Star Gazers: The ones who keep the lands peaceful. There is the Life Star Gazer, the Death Star Gazer, the Fortune Star Gazer, and the Wise Star Gazer.
God/Goddess: There are gods and godesses of each tribe. They are usually always on business, trying to settle things with other tribes. They help keep the magic of the tribe in shape.
Leaders: They are the ones in charge, even if the gods are around. They make sure everyone is alright, and give orders to the tribe.
Deputies: Sometimes, the leader has to go out with the Gods. While the leader isn't around, the Deputy is there to keep the tribe in shape.
Warriors: They keep their tribe safe from attacks. Any Dragon who steps foot on tribe territory will have to face a warrior.
Nurses: The ones who heal and fix up the injured members. Every three months they meet up and speak to the star gazers.
Hunters: Self explanatory. They go hunting for foods and goods.
Apprentices: They are training to pursue the job they had dreamed of as a little one.
Little Ones: The babies. All must wait until they are 10 to begin training.

Below is the template:

Name: (The character's name. Try to come up with a last name. Nicknames may also be put here if you chose.)
Age: (Human and Dragon years are the same)
Gender: (Simple)
Personality: (3 sentences minimum)
Appearance: (Everything that your hybrid looks like, wears, weapons, anything on the outside)
Powers: (What can it do?)
Strengths and Weaknesses: (Defines itself. At least 2 weaknesses, at least 2 strengths)

Updated as of 6/11/15.

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