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Arcke the Emperor of Fortune [Star Gazer]

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Arcke the Emperor of Fortune [Star Gazer]  Empty Arcke the Emperor of Fortune [Star Gazer]

Post by Akreious on Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:17 pm

Name: Sun-Slay Duel Sieger [True name not even other Star Gazers know!]
Nickname: Arcke [He goes by this] Leo the Fortune [More Formal name]
Age: 1621 [Although due to his aging process, he's only 16 or 26]
Gender: Male
Arcke is a honourful Star Gazer, giving everyone a fair chance at something. But his duties has led Arcke to sometimes be extremely humorful like say slipping on a banana. He also has a tendency to test people, giving them horrible luck or insane luck to see what they do. He calls this "Temporal Judgement".But if provoked or threatened enough, Arcke can turn somewhat violent and fight back due to his natural battle instincts, he is also pretty well mannered when formal. He almost never kills due to his still child-like mentality despite his battle-made body would tell you. Arcke also has a 2nd personality, a very sarcastic, ironic and smart arse one! This personality represents the evil and bad side of fortune while the other is representing the good fortune. at every moment, these 2 personalities are chill or might be battling eachother at each waking moment.

Arcke the Emperor of Fortune [Star Gazer]  Martia14
Arcke's body is extremely well built, being almost 5% fat and and lots and LOTS of muscle. This makes him powerful in terms of raw strength. He also wears golden pieces of armor that seems to float somehow, along with a glowing golden Halo-like thing behind Arcke. These Are just his literal representation of fortune. he also has 8 limbs, all of which is armored and very muscled, and golden wing-like blades that enables quick flight. But being made out of pure energy, these "Blade Wings" are extremely dangerous, having a cutting power of diamond and obsidian and extremely durable! also his hybrid genes gives him a mane, a lion. His eyes are also almost always glowing golden, masking his real eyes which is light blue in colour. his size is no push over as well, being almost 215 ft tall at maximum! [his normal size is 120 ft]

Complete control of Fortune [Karma and the like]
Size manipulation [Himself, Pleeeeaaaseeee?]
Using lava and particles to recreate characteristics of the sun [Lava-Fang, Ex. Solar flares and stuff]
Cyclone Cutlass [Sky-fur, Ex. a giant wind wall for defense or a gush of concentrated wind to damage from a distance]
Particle bend [Invisibility to normal eyes due to bending of light using wind, a Cyclone Cutlass ability]
Wind-Body Diguise [Well... Disguise! Duh]

Later Gained Powers - (Having to do with his skills already gotten)
Quantize [Teleporting using particles]
The Sun's Ray
Random LuckLuck Beam! [Random Damaging Beam]
FOR ZE WAIFU!!!!! [Comical super attack]

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths -
Pretty Smart
Almost photographic memory
Almost flawless eye sight
Very very reliable
Due to his duties, he works well with Death to decide the fates of creatures.
Competent with most weapons and techniques
Weaknesses -
Pretty prideful [Lion Genetics]
Has the mind of a child [60% of the time]
Sometimes too carefree
Can manipulate someone's fortune for fun if bored
Can be very immature once personality has been changed
Can be very violent because ^

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Arcke the Emperor of Fortune [Star Gazer]  Empty Re: Arcke the Emperor of Fortune [Star Gazer]

Post by Gracy on Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:53 pm



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