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Solstice, Death Star Gazer

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Solstice, Death Star Gazer  Empty Solstice, Death Star Gazer

Post by SolsticeEquinox on Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:59 pm

Name: Solstice Equinox. (Nicknames: Sol, Soul, Solly)
Age: 444 Years
Gender: Female (Bisexual as far as sexual and romantic orientations go.)
Personality: Solstice's personality can be rather extreme. One moment, she could be having a nice and friendly conversation, when the next, she could be very angry and cruel. She is not as caring as she acts around some, and is rarely selfless. She also is rarely calm, though when she is, she is angry afterwards. Anything light can upset her, or cause her joy for the rest of the day.
Appearance: Solstice is an ice-blue feathered creature. She has the head of a dragon, though she has a bird-like beak. She has graceful wings with blue-grey feathers, along with a tail that ends in two single feathers the same colour as her eyes. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of popping blue, which stands out against her pale colour palette. She has dragon legs and talons, so you could perhaps see her as a normal, very very small bird dragon. She is a foot tall with a very petite frame.
Powers: Solstice, as her rank says, has the ability to control death. She decides whether people have a good afterlife or a bad afterlife. She also can decide when it is time for a dragon to die, and works closely with the Star Gazer of Fortune on this. She has the mixed powers of a Weather-Fur and a Snow-Fur. She can spit small icespikes, though they happen to be very painful, out of her maw. This may also be accompanied with tornadoes, lightning, or any sort of bad weather. Her claws can cause anything to partly freeze. She can teleport at will, though this is a default power among her kind.
Strengths and Weaknesses: She is strong when fighting in air or in cold places, as well as being strong when surrounded by negative energy. Fire and too bright of light can weaken her, as can earth.


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Solstice, Death Star Gazer  Empty Re: Solstice, Death Star Gazer

Post by Gracy on Thu Jun 11, 2015 10:01 pm

Approved. You also can approve apps from now on as well. Smile


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