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Gracy, Star Gazer of Life

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Gracy, Star Gazer of Life Empty Gracy, Star Gazer of Life

Post by Gracy on Sat Jun 13, 2015 7:27 pm

Name: Gracy Lin, Nickname is Grace.
Age: 113
Gender: Female
Rank: Life Star Gazer
Personality: Gracy is super polite, and very nice. She tries her best to keep her surrondings neat, and make sure everyone around her is happy. She really enjoys her job, and it makes her happy she literally brings life to others.
Appearance: She is a tiny pink bunny with wings. She has a small dagger and frosty crystal armor. She has one brown eye and one blue eye.
Powers: She has the powers of Nature-Furs and Snow-Furs. She can make flowers grow out of the ground, and she can make vine walls surrond her opponent when fighting, which she doesnt like to do. She can also make snowballs outta nothing, and can use her mind to throw them at people, which she does when shes bored.
Strengths: She can use her nature and snow powers against the people who are weak against that stuff, and anyone easily distracted shes good against.
Weaknesses: She is weak against lava and heat. She is also afraid of really really big things, like if its over 20 ft tall she'll freak, which is a big weakness.


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