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Nightflare - Queen of Angust

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Nightflare - Queen of Angust Empty Nightflare - Queen of Angust

Post by Nightflare on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:11 pm

Name: Nightflare
Age: Seventy five, but she looks twenty
Gender: Female
Personality: Night's personality is complicated. She is generally extremely indifferent to everything, and has a strong lust for chaos. She doesn't thirst for anything in particular, and has no high ambitions other then to spread chaos. Her emotions were taken from her, replaced by nothing but the desire to cause suffering to others. However, she doesn't always act like a bloodthirsty monster. No, she rarely acts like this, actually. She chooses to take on a personality that best suits her situation. In a situation where she needs to manipulate someone who's feeling depressed? Act caring and compassionate. Need to kill someone or show dominance? Act strong and royal. Need to assassinate? Act silent and mysterious. Name the situation, Night can manipulate the emotion. They don't call her the Queen of Manipulation for nothing.

Night has more depth to her personality than it might seem. Even though she cannot act upon any personality, she can act upon insanity. When she reveals her true nature, she becomes a wild, bloodthirsty monster. She even has her own torture chamber, where she kidnaps dragons from other tribes and tortures them, using them as living test subjects.

Speaking of test subjects, Night is also skilled in alchemy, forbidden/dark magic, elemental magic, and necromancy. She will stir up a potion using different dragons' blood, and test it on her torture subjects. She is extremely brutal when it comes to extracting the blood/other internal organ. She has practiced her magic for longer then she can remember, and the magic is enhanced by her demonic powers. She is also extremely cunning, smart, devious, and, obviously, manipulative, capable of convincing even hated enemies into doing things for her.
Appearance: She is a slender, lean, strong dragoness in her normal form, and is often times considered beautiful, despite her dark backstory. She has an elegant grace, and silky-smooth skin. Her claws are a polished ivory, and she doesn't have any spikes on her with the exception of long, skinny horns going down her back. He tail is long and strong, capable of inflicting nasty whip marks, and causing bleeding. She is also 86 ft. long, including her tail. Her scales are black, and her eyes are purple. She is also 68 ft. tall.
Powers: Elemental attacks
Demon form(Cannot take physical form, only drives people insane when seen, can only be accessed when enough power is stored up, after use Night will be extremely weak)
Astral Chains, holds someone in place with ghostly chains(Can be broken by very strong dragons, and dragons over 150 ft.)
Strengthen, the ability to strengthen any one of her six senses(Depending on how long she uses it will vary the pain. If used for a short time, it will be like a sting, or a sharp pain, like something stabbing that area. If used long term, it can cause severe damage)
Strengths and Weaknesses: Devious, cunning, intelligent, and skilled in manipulating her enemies.
Ruthless, and feeling no remorse.
Great array of magic weaponry, ranging from necromancy to black holes.
Skilled in making potions and alchemy.
Very fast and agile, with strong legs and wings, built for flying and running.
Not the strongest dragon, can be overpowered by brute strength
When insanity takes her over, she cannot feel pain. However, when she comes back to her senses, she will feel all the pain from before, intensified 4x, which could result in death.
She has a weakness against light, as she can not use her demonic tentacles when exposed to bright light, and she can't use her demon form.
Her claws and scales aren't very good when it comes to icy terrain, so she doesn't do well when exposed to extreme cold or extreme hot.
Her scales are thin, making her more septicle to burns and acid.
Isn't very good when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and relies strongly on magic.

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Nightflare - Queen of Angust Empty Re: Nightflare - Queen of Angust

Post by SolsticeEquinox on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:14 pm

Accepted! I see no problem with this. c: It's rather even, too. o:


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