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Lost Souls

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Lost Souls Empty Lost Souls

Post by Nightflare on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:43 pm

A dark, lean, 60 ft. figure moved towards the mysterious, new dragoness. This lean figure was a female dragoness, around the age of twenty five at first glance, though in reality she was about 60, maybe even a little older than that. Her lean muscles flexed as she carefully examined the dragoness who was hunting, her purple eyes narrowing to tiny slits, and her eyes wide so that she could capture every movement of the new dragoness. Her black body seemed to shine against the piercing rays of the sun, but since she was hidden in the shade, this didn't really matter much to her anyway, the large leaves of the trees concealing her presance from the other dragoness. She didn't really have much of an appearance, with the exception of small, thin spikes running down her spine, starting at the back of her head, but other than that she looked like a pretty normal dragon. Or was she? Depending on the sanity level of Rii, the dragoness also had a thin, purple aura surrounding her, and the less sane you were, the redder it was.

A bird chirped over head, flying down low to the dragoness, who's name was known as Nightflare. The dragoness wasn't exactly stalking Rii. She had been out on a leisurely stroll when she had stumbled across the other dragoness. Curious, Nightflare had decided to take a look at the new dragoness, whom she had never seen before. Not usually did Nightflare do something like this, as she could not be bothered with such things. But today..... today was different. Night was pretty bored at the moment. Not something that happened often. Normally, she had plenty to do...... but not today. She had been excused of her duties as a tracker, and had decided to go take a rest somewhere else. She had wandered into rogue territory, and here she had found Rii.

At the moment, Night was contemplating what to do with Rii. Kill her was one option. Night hadn't killed anyone in a LOOOONG time. Last time she killed someone was when she had become adviser of the chaotic NightWings. Far too long, if you asked her. Her second option was to take her back to her torture chamber, where she would inevitably kill her. Third option was to act nice, and she'd figure something out from there. Then the fourth option was to act neutral. Night decided she wanted to act neutral, with a little bit of snobby hidden in their. But first she needed to figure out how to approach..... hmmm. Maybe she could hunt something, then accidentally bump into Rii. Yes, that seemed like a good plan. Besides, Nightflare was hungry anyway.

After deciding what to do, Night got into position, standing up, and shaking off the leaves that had fallen onto her back, her eyes briefly closed. Then, calmly, she strode off in the opposite direction of Rii, sniffing the air. She then closed her eyes for a moment, and muttered a few words. When she opened her eyes again, they were glowing a deep, vibrant yellow color, surrounding the purple irises. She then ran off like a jet, heading in the direction of the scent. Her eyes glowed as she tracked the animal, sniffing the ground carefully, before launching off again, snapping her head back and forth. It was like the animals didn't want to be eaten. Her eyes narrowed, but she continued her search.

Finally she heard something, and halted to a stop, dropping onto all fours, her eyes narrowing so that they were half closed. Her paws cracked on the leaves, and she winced. Even she made mistakes sometimes. She wasn't perfect, after all. Far from it. She closed her eyes carefully, whispering more words, hoping the spell would strengthen. Night then opened her eyes, the yellow having strengthened, and could tell that the animal was still there. Suddenly, the yellow disappeared from her eyes, and she winced as a sharp stab of pain wedged through her nose. She didn't yelp, though. This was what happened when she used that spell. She rubbed her nose, her eyes half closed, and a frown having appeared on her face. This was what happened when she abused that spell. The sting didn't go away, and it made it a little difficult to breath. But she would be able to handle it.

Shaking her head, Night focused her attention back to the food, and slowly crept closer, raising her ears up. This would be difficult, since she couldn't use her nose anymore. She would need to rely on her ears now. She crept forward, and the deer came into view. It was a young brachiosaurus, no older than a year, and this made Night slightly upset. She had hoped it would be a healthy, adult male animal in its prime. She sighed. She suppose she'd have to settle for this animal. It was about 30 feet tall, a good sized creature. Now, sure, Night could take the easy way out and kill it with magic, but what would the fun in that be? No, she would chase this creature. Have some fun with it before she killed it. She wasn't starving, after all.

Slowly, Night raised her haunches up, eying her next meal. Then, slowly, she began to step forward. The young animal saw her immediately. She had wanted this to happen. It was all a part of the plan. She could easily outpace the creature, thanks to her wings. Might as well give it a headstart. The dinosaur eyed Night, slowly backing away. Then Night froze, making eye contact with the creature. And almost as if using telepathy to tell him to run, the dinosaur took off, with Nightflare in hot pursuit. She followed the creature with ease, and quickly caught up to it. She didn't attack yet, though, and instead, steered it in the direction of Rii. When Nightflare saw Rii within shouting distance, she tackled the dino, digging she sharp claws into the creature. The dino screamed in pain, and Night quickly bit its neck, ending its suffering. Though, she would have liked it to suffer more.

She pretended not to notice Rii, instead clawing into her meal, and casually ripping out a chunk of meat and walking over to sit down next to the corpse, placing the meat in between her paws, nonchalantly ripping into it. Night wasn't in any serious hurry. After all, she wasn't very interested in the meat. Brachiosaurus meat tasted stale without seasoning, anyway. Besides, Night liked her meat cooked. Not by a lot, just with a little bit of demon's fire, and it would be perfect. But she was only really interested in attracting Rii's attention. Then she would see how things went from there. Who knew. Maybe things would go swellingly. You never know. Night was good at describing people most of the time, but she was tired right now, so she would rather experience the personality than figure it out for herself.

(This is copy and pasted from DRF, ignore anything related to there :derp:)

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